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Training, retraining and competency advancement of the dangerous facilities specialists 


Industrial safety courses

1.Law of the RоK  number 188-V on April 11, 2014 on “Civil Protection” – for officials responsible for the safe operation of hazardous production facilities, as well as employees who perform work for them – 10 hours;
2.  Law of the RоK number 188-V on April 11, 2014 on “Civil Protection” – for technical managers, professionals and technical workers – 40 hours
3.General requirements on industrial safety (Part 1;2)
4. Industry wide safety requirements  (Part 3)
5.Industrial safety requirements in the oil and gas field
6. Industrial safety requirements for oil and gas field development
7. Offshore industrial safety
8. Industrial safety requirements for works with explosives
9. Industrial safety requirements for exploitation of oil depots and fuel stations
10.industrial safety requirements for underground repair of oil and gas wells
11.Industrial safety requirements for handling the ionizing radiation sources
12. industrial safety requirements for the device and  safe operations of the compressor units with reciprocating compressors working on hazardous and harmful gases
13. industrial safety requirements for the use of liquefied petroleum and hydrocarbon gas
14.  Industrial safety requirements for the systems of distribution and consumption of natural gases
15. Industrial safety requirements for the device and safe handling of vessels under pressure.
16. Industrial safety requirements in the chemical industry
17. Industrial safety requirements for the open cut mining
18. Industrial safety requirements for operating the automobile LPG filling stations.
19. Industrial safety requirements for the use of  stationary compressor units, gas and air pipelines
20. Industrial safety requirements to design and safe use of lifting devices.
21. Industrial safety requirements to design and safe use of steam and hot water pipelines
22. Industrial safety requirements to design and safe use of steam and hot water boilers  
23. General industrial safety requirements to explosive production
24. H2S safety at height
26.confined space entry
27. Lifting machines course for slingers
28. Chemical handling safety
29. Civil Defense and Emergency response personnel training

Upon completion of course and successful passing of knowledge check, students receive protocol verifying the knowledge and a certificate of a set sample. These documents are certified by the stamp of the state inspector of the Department of Emergency Situations in the prescribed manner.


Fire safety courses

1. Fire technical minimum training
2. Emergency rescue team members  (ERTM)
upon completion of the course, practicing the skills of extinguishing the fire and self rescue, successfully passing the knowledge check, students receive protocol verifying the knowledge and a certificate of a set sample.

Safety and Labour protection courses

1. Labour Code (General and Special part)
2. Rules for conducting the training, instructions and knowledge check for personnel in the field of safety and labour protection
3. Compulsory insurance of civil liability of employers for injury to life and health of employees in the performance of labor (official) duties.
4. Rules for mandatory periodical attestation of industrial facilities on labour conditions.
5. Industrial hygiene and occupational health

Upon completion of the course and successful pass of the knowledge check participants receive: protocol of the knowledge check and small certificate signed by training center representative and stamped by state inspector for the working personnel and the same package but with certificate of A4 format for ITR.

Electrical safety courses

Training and knowledge check on the Rules of ISR and IRE, assigning access group II – V

Upon completion of training and successful knowledge check students are given protocol and certificate stamped by training organization certified by the stamp of the State Committee Energonadzor.

First aid courses

First aid (base level)
First aid (advanced level)

The course is provided by the certified medical representative, with practicing the skills. Upon completion of the course and successful knowledge check participants receive certificate confirmed by the stamp of training center.

General safety courses

Defensive driving
New Employee HSE Orientation
JSA (OSHA 3071 2002)
Risk assessment and control
Ergonomics and systematization of safety on the work place (5S program)

Professional development courses
  • Conflictology
  • Professional burn prevention
  • Communication skills development
  • Business communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Being an effective leader
  • Team building
  • Time management
  • International behavior assessment system DiSC
  • Records keeping in state language
  • Competency interview
  • Business risks assessment
  • Working with stress
  • Business correspondence
  • Waste management

Conducting the industrial safety expertize
The industrial safety expertize – assessment result of object’s compliance (or non compliance) to the requirements of industrial safety and normative technical documentation applicable to this object, the result of which is conclusion.

Subjects to expertize are:

1) project documentation for the construction, expansion, renovation, modernization, conservation and liquidation of hazardous production facilities;

2) The condition of the buildings and structures at hazardous production facilities;

3) Technology, technical devices, materials used at hazardous production facilities;

4) Declaration of industrial safety;

5) organizations with the right to receive a certificate for conducting rescue operations ;

6) organizations  for the right of receiving the certificate for training, retraining, advanced training in the field of industrial safety.

DEVELOPMENT OF industrial safety of hazardous facilities declaration

Industrial safety of hazardous production facility declaration - is a document which presents the results of a comprehensive risk assessment of the accident, incident, review of the adequacy of the measures taken to prevent accidents and to ensure the organization is ready for operating the hazardous production facilities in accordance with the norms and rules of industrial safety, to mitigate and eliminate the consequences of incidents and accidents on hazardous production facilities.

RoK Law 314 “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities” Art. 11-1. Mandatory declaration of industrial safety

1. Mandatory declaration is provided to the hazardous production facilities that have the potential of harmful effects of hazardous production factors on population and environment while operation.

The potential of harmful cause to the population, the environment is established by providing industrial safety examination of predesign  solutions.

Expertise determines occupational hazards at hazardous production facilities, as well as the population within range of their possible effects .

On the basis of expert conclusion issued by the authorized body the decision of declaring  hazardous production facility is issued.
2 . Industrial Safety Declaration (hereinafter – the declaration ) is developed , revised as part of the project for the construction , expansion, renovation , modernization, conservation and liquidation of hazardous production facilities .

3 . The declaration must contain the following information :

1 ) A list of dangerous substances (including derivatives) and their characteristics ;

2) occupational hazards ( each factor separately , in conjunction with other factors , in interaction with the environment );

3) process data on the distribution of occupational hazards ;

4) analysis of hazards and risks ;

5) technical security solutions ;

6) analysis of the conditions of emergency situations ;

7 ) Training of personnel in emergency situations;

8) scheme of possible scenarios of development and accidents;

9) The emergency plan ( alert system , means and measures to protect people , backup capacity for emergency response , emergency situations; medical support victim assistance ) .

4 . Development of the Declaration is only performed by the organization operating the hazardous industrial facility or organization certified to carry out works in the field of industrial safety.

5 . Declaration clarifies when the industrial safety information contained in it , or changing the industrial safety requirements within three months from the date of appearance changes.

6. Declaration approved by the head of the organization operating hazardous production facilities .

Owner organization operating hazardous production facilities , is responsible for the timeliness , completeness and accuracy of the information contained in the declaration , in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

7. Declaration is a subject to expertise.

When changes are made to the declaration,  its reexamination is required .